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Oxford Aviation hazardous waste cleaned up, commissioners told

by Leslie Dixon, Staff Writer Sun Journal Oct. 23, 2014

PARIS — All bulk hazardous waste was removed from the former Oxford Aviation facility this week, Oxford County commissioners were told.

On Tuesday, Glen Holmes, executive director of the Western Maine Economic Development Council, handed the commissioners a bill for $27,737 to pay for the consolidation and removal of hazardous waste.

Commissioner Steve Merrill

Oxford County Commissioner Steve Merrill speaks to fellow commissioners Tuesday about the former Oxford Aviation facility at the Oxford County Regional Airport in Oxford.

The two-day process to bag and remove thousands of gallons of chemical compounds and paint used in the aircraft refinishing business was completed Monday.

The doors of Oxford Aviation at the Oxford County Regional Airport on Number Six Road in Oxford were locked by the county earlier this year.

The business was served a two-day notice of eviction on April 1 after 25 years of leasing the building from the county. The writ of possession was the culmination of a six-month legal battle between the company and commissioners. The writ gave former owner Jim Horowitz 48 hours to remove the company's possessions and vacate the 40,000-square-foot building.

Thousands of gallons of chemical compounds and paint were left behind before the facility's doors were locked by the county. The chemical compounds in 55-gallon drums and paints were inventoried and stabilized.


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