Oxford County, Maine

County continues jail    payments to state

$6.58 million budget ok'd

Tax hike prompts audit

Unorganized Incorporation    procedure explained

Deputy McAllister    recognized in SAD 55

Jail Hiring full-time    Correction officers

Budget committee okays $5.4    million 2015 package

Vanderwood winner in    county treasurer's race

Domestic abuse targeted

Sheriff Gallant re-elected

Officials say drug agents
   needed in Oxford County

• Interest shown in leasing       vacant buildings

• Stairs, repairs bulk of    increases in budget

Registry of Deeds office    going digital

County given land near    regional airport

County switching deeds    records company

Airport future discussed

Commissioners okay    electronic timekeeping

 911 dispatch - the glue    that  binds emergency    services

County tax levy by towns

County officials cleared in review

by Christopher Crosby, Staff Writer Sun Journal Dec. 12, 2014

PARIS — An Albany Township resident who requested county officials clarify why taxes spiked dramatically said he's satisfied those funds were properly awarded for construction projects.

In a meeting Thursday morning with Oxford County Administrator Scott Cole and road agent Todd Sawyer, longtime lawyer and Albany Township resident Jeffrey Rosenblatt said he was confident public officials showed due diligence when they devised a master plan to upgrade 56 miles of road in the unorganized territory.

Albany audit
Oxford County officials opened up the government's financial records for inspection over concerns from an Albany Township resident it had improperly given companies publicly funded work. 

The work saw capital improvement expenditures soar $300,000 in a single year, with taxes rising 17 percent. Coupled with state increases, total taxes in the UTs grew about 35 percent in one year, which was wildly unpopular with residents, who Rosenblatt said could ill afford a rate hike.

“It came as a shock,” Rosenblatt said.

In what county officials treated as a Freedom of Access Act request, Thursday's inspection, which amounted to a detailed conversation with little auditing of the county's books, gave a blow-by-blow account of how officials plan, solicit and award work for the unorganized territories. 

UTs have no local municipal government and rely upon the county to provide basic services such as road repair, plowing and levying property taxes. Cole said he was more than happy to comply with the request.


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