oxford, Maine

Commissioner adjustments to 2012 budget

The Oxford County Commissioners have completed their columns in the 2012 Oxford County Budget with a final meeting held last night. It should be noted that there was a zero percent cost of living wage adjustment this year.  The medical insurance rate increase will be 6.47% effective January 1, 2012, rather than the usual 15% originally projected.

The net effect of the Commissioners proposed reductions is a $271,887 decrease which reduces the forecasted 8.96% tax increase to 3.83%.  The following changes have been made:

Revenue Increases

Benefits (FICA, Retiree & Grantee Premium Reimbursements)

Total Revenues Increased by $3,721

Expense Reductions

County Commissioners                                                                      Total Reduced by $  7,064
Deeds West                                                                                           Total Reduced by $  5,380
Deeds East                                                                                            Total Reduced by $10,400
Probate                                                                                                  Total Reduced by $  8,031
Sheriff’s Department                                                                           Total Reduced by $36,161
Civil                                                                                                         Total Reduced by $12,000
Capital Reserve Requests                                                                   Total Reduced by $20,000
Employee Benefits                                                                               Total Reduced by $70,616
Contributions                                                                                         Total Reduced by $120,166

Total Expenses Reduced by $289,818

Expense Increases

District Attorney                                                                                   Total Increased by $1,232
Buildings and Grounds                                                                         Total Increased by $20,420

Total Expenses Increased by $21,652